valentines day craft

It’s that time of the year again; good ole’ Valentines Day.  Quite frankly, it’s not my favorite holiday.  It leads to crazy expectations that don’t get fulfilled and then it leaves both parties down in the dumps.  Maybe I’ve just had bad luck, but that’s been my experience.  Which is why my boyfriend and I plan on having a very low key Valentines Day this year; dinner, movie, done.  But I still want to give him a gift, even if I’m broke.

I saw this idea originally on Pinterest, and then took my own spin on it.  I made a “I love you because…” whiteboard/frame.  I first bought a simple frame and some pretty letters (Target for like $11), and looked through my array of scrapbook paper for some options.  I eventually picked one that was pretty, but not too distracting.

First, I took the insert from the frame and traced the size on the scrapbook paper, and then cut it out.  It won’t show because the frame will cover it, and then you know it will fit exactly.

After that I took a 4×6 photo and set it on the paper to have a basic idea of what it would look like, and so I could figure out where to put the letters.

It was not an exact science, but I then placed the sticker letters on the paper.  I then got the photo printed, and used photo safe stickies to stick it down.  You put it in the frame, and bam your done!  Simple, inexpensive, and fun to put together.

Hope you enjoyed this project 🙂



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