home binder; everything in one place

So my fiance’s cousin bought a house for him and his fiance recently.  She was showed me a binder that the previous owners gave them that had everything she could ever need!!  This binder is a place that you can keep all of your owners manuels, warrentys, and things like that.  EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE!!  When you move into a new house you never dream of having that stuff, so it was wonderful for them.  But I decided that if I start now I’ll have all of the things I need in one place and I can collect them as I get them.  It’s pretty easy to do; just get a binder, some tabs, page protectors, and your done!

I made the cover with word.  I just used a template that word already had, and ended up using the photo that they had because I liked it, even though it may not be perfect.  It’s simple, but it works.  Eventually I’d love to have a photo of our house (once we buy one) with us 🙂

My tabs are Appliances, Furniture, Electronics, Permanent Fixtures, and Other.  Since I am using sheet protectors, the tabs would not come out farther than the protectors.  I learned a trick from my mom; you can cut a little slit in a protector, and slip the page with the tab inside.  It seriously works like a charm!!  It’s hard to see in the photo, but all of the tab pages are in protectors.




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