it’s time to plan a WEDDING!!

I’m engaged!!  We’ve been together for almost six and a half years, and I’ve known that I would marry him for most of that time.  I’ve been waiting to start planning forever, and so the day after he proposed, I was ready to start working on my wedding binder!!  I purchased one of those fancy binders from a bookstore years ago (with a gift card and sale it was free), but it was full of images and info that I don’t need on a regular basis.  I decided that I’d leave all of that wonderful info in that binder, and take out all of the checklists, and pages that I could fill out and make another binder.  This one, I could take to meeting with vendors, the bridal salon, and just keep everything organized.

The original book I bought.

The most heavy duty binder I could buy.

So after I had my binders I ripped out all of the pages I wanted in the new binder, cut off the fringe edge, and then put them in page protectors.

I then separated those and the images that I’ve cut out of magazines into different sections.  I ended up having 15 tabs that I thought covered all of the basics and they were:

  • to do lists
  • budget
  • attire
  • stationary
  • ceremony
  • music
  • flowers/decorations
  • food
  • photography
  • videography
  • transportation
  • bridal party
  • guests
  • gifts
  • other

I’m still in the process of making the cover.  Since it is such a large binder it has a 12×12 cover that I want to design using scrapbooking stuff.  I’m going to be using this for the next year and a half, and it’s going to be my bible, so I want it to be super cute 🙂  When I make the cover I will post a photo.  You could make this on word if you wanted, especially if your binder cover is 8.5×11.

I seriously can’t wait to start using my new binder to plan my wedding.  And look forward to more info about my wedding planning, tips here and there, because I figure that this goes along with homemaking really well since getting married is, really, making a home.



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