diy headband holder

Headbands are one of those things that aren’t easily stored.  I have a few that really can’t be laid down flat either, which makes it even more difficult.  So I decided to make this nifty headband holder!  First, you start with an oatmeal container.  You can either cover it with paper, or you can paint it.  In retrospect, it would have probably been easier/better to use the paper because it would less likely get scratched or chipped, and I wouldn’t have to wait for the paint to dry.I decided to paint it with basic black acrylic paint.  Because it is a bit glossy it took two coats of paint.  Be careful when you’re painting not to get paint on the upper ridge of the container (like I did, you can see it on the left side the image below) because then when you use the lid later it will peel off.

After it was completely dry, I took a candle holder (that I bought at the dollar store) and hot-glued it to the bottom of the container.  After it dries, your done!!

Now you can place your headbands around the container, and the rest of your hair stuff inside!  It gives you tons of storage and just sits nicely on your counter.

This project was so cheap and easy.  If you buy oatmeal to eat (which you should because it’s wonderful and really good for you) then the container is free, and I got the candle stick holder for $1!  A great way to organize your headbands for seriously only $1; that’s something totally doable for anyone, even on a low budget.




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