diy scarf hanger

We all have scarves, and many of us don’t know what to do with them.  I saw this on a blog awhile ago (I don’t remember which one), but changed it up a little bit for myself.  This is a super easy and inexpensive DIY project you can do to store and organize your scarves.  First, you start out with a hanger, and shower rings.  You can also use key-rings if you’d rather; it gives you more spots, but they are smaller, so it’s really up to you.

Next you will take each one of the rings, and hot glue them to the hanger.  I started in the center and worked my way out so that I knew it would be even.  This isn’t permanent, but it will hold them in place so you can wrap the ribbon.

After the glue dries, you can begin to wrap it with ribbon.  Glue one end of the ribbon on one end of the hanger, and then wrap in and around the rings all the way to the other end.  I would reccomend also wrapping the rings together, and not just to the hanger.  Make sure that you keep the ribbon tight while you wrap.  When you get to the end, glue it to the hanger, and cut off the extra.

Now you can add your scarves.  I would suggest starting on the outside, and working your way in, so the hanger keeps balanced.  I only made one, but I plan on making more and hanging them next to each other in my closet.  It works so easily and keeps everything so organized!!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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