diy cake stand

This is probably the easiest diy ever.  I like to bake, and I’ve always wanted a fun cake stand for my cakes, cookies, and the like.  I saw this somewhere awhile ago, and I’ve been meaning to do it forever.  First, I went to the dollar store and bought a candle holder and large plate.  I marked the bottom of the plate with a pencil to make sure it was centered (notice the label is not centered in the image below).  Then I hot glued the candle stick holder to the bottom of the plate.  Done.  See, it was seriously so easy!!!

You could make a ton of these, some smaller and others bigger so you could stack them.  I decided to go with the white plate and clear candle holder, but if you want you could totally have some really fun colors.  Target has some really neat plates sometimes, that you can buy in different sizes and colors but one at a time (instead of sets).

Remember, because it’s made with hot glue, you have to be careful when washing.  I am not sure that it would be a great idea to wash this in the dishwasher, because the head might remelt the glue.

Keep tuned in, and my next post will include me showing off this bad boy with some great sweet treats 🙂



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