things I want

The subject of this post is pretty simple; things I want.  I have found tons of products that I’d love to have for one reason or another, and I’m going to list many of them here.  Some of them I want right now, but don’t really need it or can’t afford it.  Some things I know I’ll want down the road when I have a home, or kids.  Some things are useful, and some of them are just fun.  Some have links (click the photo) some do not.  So here goes 🙂

1 – Mr. & Mrs. Pillows – Since I’m getting married in less than a year and half, everything Mr and Mrs is on my mind.  I can probably make these for myself, but they are seriously just so cute and fun.


2 – This gorgous laundry room – need I say more?



3 – This couch – I love that you can have it be a bit more normal, by pulling out the square sections, or you can just be in a big pile.  Great for cuddling with the fam 🙂


4 – Name etched glassware – I love this so much, and I love that it includes a tutorial.  I am going to make a set once I get…


5 – A cricut – I want one of these so bad!! It would make crafting so much easier, and I could do so many things.  I could totally use it for my business; creative packaging, great gifts for my clients, etc.  I’m asking for one for my next birthday!


6 – Beautiful Cake Stand – This one is so pretty, and I love the top to cover it.  Love love love!


7 – Batter dispenser – so slick and easy!


8 – Photography Assistant Onsie – my child will own/wear this.  no questions.


9 – Organized gift wrapping supplies – I want this so bad, or at least something along these lines.  Keep it super organized, but accessible.


10 – an Ipad, and this sweet typewriter – I would love to have an ipad, because I know how wonderful and useful it would be.  The typewriter is probably less necessary, but oh well.


That’s all I have for now, though there are many more things in this world that I’d love to have.  I know I’m not alone in that either.



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