I want to write about passions.

I have had a passion for photography since I was a young girl.  I loved taking photos of anything and everything.  I was known in highschool as the girl who never put her camera down, and would upload all of them to facebook soon there after.  I love images, what they capture, and how they are what help us hold special moments that pass so quickly.  They are beauty, and honesty, and just so wonderful 🙂  I am lucky in the fact that I’m getting to follow my dream, and become a photographer for a living.  I’m able to do this because of the amazing support that I have all around me.  My mom has always been there, ok with me going this route, and even helping me in any way to get there.  My fiance is willing to work anywhere to pay the bills just so I can do what I love.  I’m lucky.

Even with an amazing support system, sometimes reaching our dreams is hard.  One of my best friends in the whole world is trying to reach a dream of publishing a book.  She and I have been friends since we were young, we grew up dancing at rival dance companies, went to middle and highschool together, and now she is one of my bridesmaids.  Her writing always amazes me.  She has such a way with words that makes anyone deeply invested in what comes next; be it her life, a poem, anything.

But she needs a little help.  She needs a little bit of funding to jump-start the publishing process.  I’m not asking you do donate, I’m just asking you to check out her video.  If she compels you, then great.  I just want to get the word out so she too can reach her dreams 🙂  Thanks




To keep your homemaking run smooth, there are many different things out there on the world wide web to help you out.  Some of us are less capable of designing cool things to help us organize our life, but some people in this world are wonderful at it.  Today, I will in include links to cool printables that I’ve found online.  Please look through these and see if you can make them work for you in your life.  I think to myself sometimes “I would never need/use this!” but you never know what might change your life and the way that you run your home!

Found any other great printables?  Let me know!!  I’d love to hear what you all have found.  The internet is full of this stuff, and it can be so helpful when trying to organize your life.  I want to hear how you are all organizing your life, because we can all share and help each other.  Comment away help us all out 🙂

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have to keep my life as organized as possible, because it is the only thing that keeps me sane.  As I continue this journey of life, the more organized I can start out, the better off I’ll be in the long run when life gets even crazier than right now (husband, kids, etc).


things I want

The subject of this post is pretty simple; things I want.  I have found tons of products that I’d love to have for one reason or another, and I’m going to list many of them here.  Some of them I want right now, but don’t really need it or can’t afford it.  Some things I know I’ll want down the road when I have a home, or kids.  Some things are useful, and some of them are just fun.  Some have links (click the photo) some do not.  So here goes 🙂

1 – Mr. & Mrs. Pillows – Since I’m getting married in less than a year and half, everything Mr and Mrs is on my mind.  I can probably make these for myself, but they are seriously just so cute and fun.


2 – This gorgous laundry room – need I say more?



3 – This couch – I love that you can have it be a bit more normal, by pulling out the square sections, or you can just be in a big pile.  Great for cuddling with the fam 🙂


4 – Name etched glassware – I love this so much, and I love that it includes a tutorial.  I am going to make a set once I get…


5 – A cricut – I want one of these so bad!! It would make crafting so much easier, and I could do so many things.  I could totally use it for my business; creative packaging, great gifts for my clients, etc.  I’m asking for one for my next birthday!


6 – Beautiful Cake Stand – This one is so pretty, and I love the top to cover it.  Love love love!


7 – Batter dispenser – so slick and easy!


8 – Photography Assistant Onsie – my child will own/wear this.  no questions.


9 – Organized gift wrapping supplies – I want this so bad, or at least something along these lines.  Keep it super organized, but accessible.


10 – an Ipad, and this sweet typewriter – I would love to have an ipad, because I know how wonderful and useful it would be.  The typewriter is probably less necessary, but oh well.


That’s all I have for now, though there are many more things in this world that I’d love to have.  I know I’m not alone in that either.