My truest of passions; photography.

I have known for a very long time that I wanted to be a wedding photographer.  In the summer of 2009 I decided to open my studio and it is blooming.  I am now located in Central Michigan, and I’d love to share with all of you my work.  Hopefully it speaks for itself 🙂






My name is Meghan, and I don’t always know what I’m doing.  As a young woman, I am to the point in my life when I am a starting out homemaker.  Am I married? Nope.  Do I have kids? No way.  But I still have a home, and I still want to be that woman that has everything together.  Sadly, I can’t say I’m there yet.  I’m slowly figuring it how, one mistake at a time, and now you can follow along.  I’ll be posting about everything that makes up a home; the food cooked, the decorations, the organization, and the life 🙂

I have a passion for being a homemaker, because secretly it’s one of those dreams of mine.  I want to be a strong women on a career path (I’m a professional photographer) but can also have a great home.  Not perfectly spotless at every moment kind of perfect, but be a woman who can do it all.  I’m not a very good cook, and it’s not my favorite thing.  I think that’s because getting tons of ingredients isn’t cheap, so I don’t do it, and I don’t have a ton of time to slave over the stove.  So through this, I hope to find and share inexpensive and easy recipes.  I do love to bake!  I don’t have tons of time to do so, but I love doing it just because.  I like doing crafts, and things that are decor to make your house look more like a home.  And I’m a freak about organization.  I love office supply stores, and I love being able to organize anything and everything.  That is what really makes me at peace, a bit of organization.

So I hope you’re excited to join me for this journey, because I am 🙂