great way to collect addresses

So I have begun really planning my wedding.  I’ve picked my photographer, and my fiance and I have visited four potential venues.  Another thing that we’ve started working on is getting our guest list done so that we have a better idea of numbers.  My mom suggested that I create an excel document with last name, first name, number in party, number of kids, address, and check boxes for save the dates, invitations, and thank yous.  I knew that eventually I’d have to collect all of the addresses of my friends and family, and it wasn’t something that I looked forward to.  I get messages on Facebook, and texts all the time from friends who are getting married, and I knew that someday that would be my fate.

However I found a super awesome site that helps you collect addresses!!!  It’s called Postable, and after you make your free account, you send a link to your family and friends and they can input all of the information.  This is what they see when they follow your link:

Then, after you have had people fill out the form, it goes into your personal contact list.  From here, you can add some yourself (of the people who may not be as tech savvy) and export it into excel (which will be great because then I can easily add it to my current master list).

It’s seriously so easy and it takes moments to set up and send out.  I can’t wait to start getting info from my friends and family!!!



it’s time to plan a WEDDING!!

I’m engaged!!  We’ve been together for almost six and a half years, and I’ve known that I would marry him for most of that time.  I’ve been waiting to start planning forever, and so the day after he proposed, I was ready to start working on my wedding binder!!  I purchased one of those fancy binders from a bookstore years ago (with a gift card and sale it was free), but it was full of images and info that I don’t need on a regular basis.  I decided that I’d leave all of that wonderful info in that binder, and take out all of the checklists, and pages that I could fill out and make another binder.  This one, I could take to meeting with vendors, the bridal salon, and just keep everything organized.

The original book I bought.

The most heavy duty binder I could buy.

So after I had my binders I ripped out all of the pages I wanted in the new binder, cut off the fringe edge, and then put them in page protectors.

I then separated those and the images that I’ve cut out of magazines into different sections.  I ended up having 15 tabs that I thought covered all of the basics and they were:

  • to do lists
  • budget
  • attire
  • stationary
  • ceremony
  • music
  • flowers/decorations
  • food
  • photography
  • videography
  • transportation
  • bridal party
  • guests
  • gifts
  • other

I’m still in the process of making the cover.  Since it is such a large binder it has a 12×12 cover that I want to design using scrapbooking stuff.  I’m going to be using this for the next year and a half, and it’s going to be my bible, so I want it to be super cute 🙂  When I make the cover I will post a photo.  You could make this on word if you wanted, especially if your binder cover is 8.5×11.

I seriously can’t wait to start using my new binder to plan my wedding.  And look forward to more info about my wedding planning, tips here and there, because I figure that this goes along with homemaking really well since getting married is, really, making a home.